We got an exclusive look at the pitch deck foreign exchange startup FX HedgePool used to raise $8 million from investors

FX HedgePool founders Jay Moore and Emin Tatosian
  • Fintech startup FX HedgePool wants to make the messy foreign exchange market more efficient.
  • The startup recently raised $8 million from investors like Information Venture Partners.
  • Founded in 2020, the company has matched over $4 trillion worth of exchange trades. 

FX HedgePool founders Jay Moore and Emin Tatosian know the foreign exchange market is messy and inefficient. But many people’s retirement funds depend on an efficient market, so they sought to change that. 

Their startup, which matches asset managers with other companies to do foreign exchange swaps, raised $8 million from investors like Information Venture Partners, and the venture arms of Fidelity International and the National Bank of Canada. 

FX swaps — when companies look to exchange their foreign currencies for another in an equivalent amount and then lend to a second party at the same time— are often hampered by the fact that some firms can’t transact with one another. FX HedgePool hopes to eliminate many barriers currently preventing parties from a more direct transaction.

FX HedgePool founder and CEO Jay Moore said the founding team’s first-hand experience dealing with FX swaps made it a natural first step for the company’s initial service offering. 

“At the end of the day, we look to the financial services industry to ensure that our retirement plans and all of our investments are in safe hands,” Moore said. “When we see this market as it stands today, there are a lot of inefficiencies that cost us as investors in terms of performance leakage.”

He added that there are currently a couple of banks that dominate the majority of the market’s volume, but others, who do have great credit, don’t get to participate because of pricing or other factors. 

The additional funding will be used to expand the startup’s services, including a spot matching service, before the end of the year. 

Moore and Tatosian launched the platform in January 2020. It has since matched over $4 trillion in foreign exchange trades for dozens of firms, the company said. It has over 30 global financial institutions on its platform, and the company said this number includes large asset managers and top-tier banks.

Here is an exclusive look at FX HedgePool’s Series A pitch deck:

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