This startup helps Fortune 500 companies build computer vision AI models. Check out the 44-slide animated pitch deck V7 used to raise a $33 million Series A.

  • London-based V7 has secured $33 million in Series A funding from Radical Ventures and Temasek.
  • The startup allows machine learning teams to build computer vision AI models.
  • Check out the 44-slide animated deck used to raise the fresh funds. 

A London-based startup that helps companies to build computer vision AI models for everything from self-driving cars to facial recognition has secured $33 million in Series A funding from Radical Ventures and Temasek. 

Computer vision models extract information from visual data sources, such as images and videos, to help computers and machines to better interpret these visual inputs. In effect, computers can ‘see’ the world, and respond to it accordingly.

Many computer vision models are powered by machine learning technology, but this process can be time-consuming to engineer. V7 has developed a “customizable, low-code workflow” that “automatically segments objects in images and video, acting as a co-pilot for human annotators,” said cofounder and CEO Alberto Rizzoli.

This helps companies to develop AI models much faster and cuts down on the time needed to manage machine learning data, according to V7.

A key issue is that “teams often don’t know what data needs to be labeled to make models better, so they instead label as much data as possible, which can in turn lead to worse models,” Rizzoli added. 

V7 labels data automatically, so that teams do not have to annotate the data from scratch. 

The startup makes its money by deploying its software to its client base of over 300 companies, including the likes of Fortune 500 giants and enterprise juggernauts such as GE Healthcare, Paige AI, and Siemens, as well as startups and scaleups.

It also has “a fast-growing segment of freemium users from some of the world’s best universities, who can use V7 for free if they study or work in academia,” Rizzoli said. 

As the round took place in the middle of a global tech downturn, the startup found that VCs were more inclined to re-invest in existing portfolio companies instead of funding new startups. 

“Churn and net revenue retention were key, as well as demonstrating that our software is essential to a team’s function and operation,” Rizzoli added.

Canada-based venture capital firm Radical, which has invested in the likes of Xanadu and Cohere, co-led the round with Singapore-based sovereign wealth fund Temasek, an investor in Visa, Airbnb, Mastercard, and Dell. Additional backing came from Air Street Capital, Amadeus Capital Partners, and Partech, and key individuals in the AI ecosystem, including DeepMind’s Oriol Vinyals and Ashish Vaswani, a previous scientist at Google Brain who led the creation of its Transformers project. 

With the fresh funds, V7 will expand into the US — its biggest market — in early 2023, and grow its team. 

Check out the 44-slide deck used to raise the fresh funds. 


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