This pitch deck helped an adtech startup raise $6.1 million to capitalize on the red-hot real estate market

Audience Town founder and CEO Ed Carey.
  • Audience Town, an ad tech startup targeting the real estate industry, raised $6.1 million in seed funding.
  • The company uses public property data to help advertisers target home buyers and owners.
  • It caters to brands from home decor to security systems sellers.

Audience Town, an ad tech startup focused on the real estate industry, just raised $6.1 million in its third seed round for a total of $9.2 million in funding to date.

The new funding came from existing investors, including Utah’s Wasatch Equity Partners and Aperiam Ventures, which is run by former top execs at ad tech company MediaMath.

Founded and led by Ed Carey, who previously worked at ad tech companies Kargo and The Rubicon Project, Audience Town helps advertisers target homeowners and buyers.

It sells programmatic display, connected TV, streaming radio, and digital out-of-home ads.

Carey said he decided to focus on real estate after his wife became a real estate agent and he realized the industry’s trove of municipal, property, and postal service data could be invaluable to advertisers. Real estate is also the biggest business in the US, accounting for 17.5% of 2020’s $20.9 trillion gross domestic product.

“The magic is that the data is all sourced from offline resources,” Carey said. “It’s public records that have been digitized but not turned into marketing data.”

Audience Town bundles this information to show advertisers data like how large a home is, how long its owners have lived there, whether they have a pool, and when they’ll pay off their mortgage. Its algorithms determine when a house hunter is most likely to move and when to start serving them ads, said Carey.

Audience Town started out catering to real estate companies of certain size that were looking for alternatives to Google Ads and industry sites like Zillow and Streeteasy, which have cracked down on programmatic ad sales, Carey said.

Now, most of its customers are consumer brands targeting movers, ranging from Sam’s Club to rental home company Innovation Homes.

Audience Town has also started working with advertisers in industries from decor to home security that want to reach these consumers, he said.

Below is the pitch deck Audience Town used in its most recent fundraising round.

Audience Town calls itself the first platform that helps advertisers target home buyers.

Audience Town

The company lays out the challenges of targeting movers.

Audience Town

Audience Town says other vendors only let advertisers target home movers at specific points in the process.

Audience Town

The company says it can reach consumers from the time they begin thinking about buying a home to after they’ve moved in.

Audience Town

Audience Town says it can help advertisers from realtors to furniture outlets.

Audience Town

The platform sells services including consumer data and campaign analytics.

Audience Town

Audience Town pitches itself as a combination of ad tech and property tech, two fast-growing industries.

Audience Town

Audience Town claims it grew 212% year-over-year in 2021.

Audience Town

The company used its newest funding to hire engineering and marketing leaders and launch a self-serve ad platform.

Audience Town
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