This CEO created a startup to save founders from flubbing their make-or-break demo moments. Here’s a look at the pitch deck that raised $34 million from firms such as Tiger Global.

Demostack all employees photo
  • Demostack aims to help startups better present their products to investors and clients.
  • The no-code platform startup recently raised a $34 million Series B led by Tiger Global.
  • “Anyone who’s been in tech knows how painful demos are,” CEO Jonathan Friedman told Insider.

When Jonathan Friedman launched the no-code startup Demostack, he decided to build a product for the most nerve-racking moment of any founder’s career: the infamous demo. 

Demos are, of course, presentations or test runs where tech companies show off their products, usually in front of potential investors or clients. They can make a break an investment opportunity, sale, or even a company. And as a repeat founder, Friedman said he knew the frustration of a demo being derailed by something as simple as a misclick, data mishap, or other technical error. 

That’s why in the height of the pandemic, Friedman founded Demostack as a platform aiming to help demos run smoother. Using a number of different tools on Demostack, companies can simulate how their product works to a prospective client while the no-code software edits out unnecessary technical mishaps. 

“Anyone who’s been in tech knows how painful demos are. Once you have a demo that goes wrong, there’s always a lot on the line,” Friedman said.

While Demostack is still a relatively new company, founded just under two years ago, it’s already caught the attention of investment heavyweights. The company recently closed a $34 million Series B round led by Tiger Global, with participation from Bessemer Ventures and other firms. 

Naturally, having a stellar demo that “actually worked” is what caught Tiger Global’s attention, Friedman said. Since Demostack is a company that focuses on perfecting the tech demo, Friedman said, for the team’s own presentation, they knew they had to “walk the walk.”  

“Because we were called ‘Demostack,’ investors were looking at our demo with a critical eye, which they should because the demo is our product,” Friedman said. “But I think showing how our product worked made the story really click.” 

Check out the pitch deck Demostack used to raise $34 million.

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