Read the 14-slide pitch deck that helped livestreaming startup Restream raise $50 million amid the pandemic

Restream founders
  • Livestreaming startup Restream raised $50 million in funding from investors amid the pandemic. 
  • Cofounder Alexander Khuda and head of business development Morgan Schwanke walked Business Insider through the 14-slide pitch deck that helped the company attract investors including Sapphire Ventures and Insight Partners.
  • The executives said the fundraising experience was differed from its seed round to this year’s series A.
  • This time around, VCs reached out to Restream directly, and potential investors wanted to know how the pandemic was impacting the startup’s business strategy, and wanted hard numbers including revenue and s.
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Livestreaming startup Restream announced in August that it had raised $50 million in fresh funding amid the pandemic, from investors including Sapphire Ventures and Insight Partners.

Execs at the five-year-old company, which builds tools that help content creators simultaneously livestream to multiple platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook Live, told Business Insider that the series-A round was different from its past fundraising efforts.

Restream previously closed $5 million in seed funding in early 2018. Founded in Ukraine, the startup had a harder time attracting investors then, because its execs weren’t connected in the investment community and didn’t speak English well, cofounder Alexander Khuda said.

This time around, venture capitalists in March approached Restream — which had moved to Austin, Texas to be closer to its investors — because people were flocking to livestreams on platforms like Instagram and Twitch amid lockdown orders.

The VCs had a new set of questions, according to Morgan Schwanke, Restream’s head of business development. They wanted to know how the pandemic was impacting Restream’s business strategy, and whether the recent lift in livestreaming was a fad or lasting trend.

Restream, which initially started to help gamers livestream to Twitch and YouTube at the same time, told the VCs about the growing number of content creators who had joined that platform outside of the gaming sector, including musicians, politicians, influencers, publishers, non-profit organizations, and other businesses.

Restream said half its 2.5 million users are non-gaming verticals now, compared with a few years ago when gamers made up 80% to 90% of its audience.

“The pandemic has put a new lens on how everyone thinks about business and I think that’s the same for VCs as well,” Schwanke said.

The VCs also wanted hard numbers that they didn’t ask Restream for during the seed round.

“We started getting questions more about unit economics,” Khuda said.

They were most interested in Restream’s revenue and s. The company said it was profitable as of 2020.

Restream shared the primary slide deck it has been using and updating to pitch potential investors since its seed round:

Restream runs tools to help creators simultaneously livestream to different platforms, like YouTube and LinkedIn.


Restream was founded in 2015 with a mission of helping gaming content creators grow their reach by livestreaming to both Twitch and YouTube at the same time, the company said.

It since expanded its suite of tools and supported platforms to serve musicians, politicians, influencers, publishers, non-profit organizations, and other businesses.

Restream says livestreaming is poised to explode.


The deck positions Restream at the heart of the livestreaming market, which it said could be valued at $100 billion by 2027, based on estimates by market-research firm Grand View Research.

The slide also teases Restream’s range of users, which span gamers, Fortune 500 companies, politicians, and celebrities.

Restream says it’s solving big problems for content creators.


The deck says Restream is solving big problems for content creators, including helping creators grow and engage their audiences and monetize their streams.

The company says its new mission is to “democratize livestreaming” and make it easier for anyone to broadcast their content.

Restream positions itself in the middle of creators and platforms, and says it can help creators reach more viewers.


The deck sketches out Restream’s place within the livestreaming ecosystem, between content creators and the more than 30 platforms the company supports. 

It also says it can help creators reach more viewers by enabling them to stream to multiple platforms at once.

The startup says it supports platforms around the world, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter’s Periscope.


Restream says it supports livestreaming to more than 30 global platforms and local players in places like India, China, South Korea, Japan, and Russia. The major players include Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch, LinkedIn, and Periscope.

The company does not currently support Instagram, which does not have an open API.

Restream recently released a new broadcast studio, adding to its other creator tools.


The deck highlights Restream’s suite of creator tools, including a broadcast center that launched in August.

The studio allows creators to livestream from a web browser, add guests to the broadcast, and brand the content with overlays, logos, and watermarks.

Restream’s core tool is made to livestream to multiple platforms at once. Other features include a chat function that brings conversations across platforms to a central place, and access to video analytics.

Restream said it plans to use its recent funding to polish off its new studio tool and repackage its overall product, which had been built for gamers and now serves a larger audience.

Restream has a free tier, and sells subscriptions ranging from $19 per month to $299 per month.


Restream said most of its 2.5 million users are on its free plan.

The subscription tiers tend to be more for professional creators and businesses. The paid plans come with additional features, like the ability to record streams and access to more customer support.

The company said its user base has grown dramatically in the past year.


Restream’s slide deck does not include user growth figures. But the company said its user base has grown 300% since January and now includes 2.5 million users.

It did not break out how many of those users were active monthly, but said the growth in monthly active users was comparable.

Restream touts delivering 8 million monthly broadcasts and garnering 600 million views per month.


Restream’s deck highlights its performance, including delivering 8 million monthly broadcasts and garnering 600 million views per month.

The startup counts the Biden-Harris campaign, Salesforce, Reuters, and Khan Academy among its users.


Restream says it has more than 2 million creators in its database.

Its active users include the Biden-Harris campaign; companies including Adobe, Uber, and Salesforce; publishers like Reuters; and organizations like the Khan Academy.

Restream says it reaches audiences in more than 80 countries.


The deck shows that Restream’s viewership is global and most prominent in Europe and North America. 

Of its users, Restream also said about 30% are in North America, 30% are in Europe, and the rest are spread throughout Latin America, as well as parts of Asia, including Japan and South Korea.

Restream was founded in the Ukraine by Alexander Khuda and Andrew Surzhynskyi.


Khuda serves as CEO while Surzhynskyi is CTO. 

Restream has around 25 employees and its investors include Sapphire Ventures and Insight Partners.


Restream said it has roughly 25 employees across the US state of Texas and in the Ukraine.

The company said it plans to use some of its recent funding to grow its workforce in Europe and the US.

The startup’s investors include Sapphire Ventures, Insight Partners, Silverton Partners, Anorak Ventures, Liquid 2, Colopl Next, Mana Ventures, Iskra Ventures, and others.

The deck closes with a thank you.

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