Here’s the pitch deck that helped a marketing tech startup raise $100 million at a $1 billion valuation to help brands manage their data

Amperity cofounders Kabir Shahani and Derek Slager
  • Amperity has raised $100 million in Series D funding, bringing its total funding to $187 million.
  • The martech firm competes with marketing clouds and sells software to help brands manage their first-party data. 
  • Amperity plans to use the funding to open offices in Australia and Western Europe.

4-year-old Amperity has raised a new funding to compete with the growing number of marketing-tech companies that help brands store customers’ data in preparation for the end of third-party ad targeting cookies.

Amperity has raised $100 million in its Series D round of funding from existing investors including Tiger Global Management, Declaration Partners, and Madrona Venture Group. The firm has raised a total of $187 million and claims to be valued at more than $1 billion.

Amperity sells software called consumer data platforms that clients like Starbucks, Patagonia, and Crocs use to manage stats from sales, email, e-commerce, and loyalty card programs.

Marketing cloud giants like Adobe, Salesforce, Twilio and startups like mParticle sell similar technology.

CEO Kabir Shahani said the fundraise took six to eight weeks and credited Google, Apple and others’ moves to clamp down on third-party cookies with helping Amperity fundraise. He said the pandemic has also sped up how quickly brands invest in e-commerce and data.

“The need for a consumer business to have a first-party identity is more important now than it ever has been,” he said. “If these companies don’t get a view of their first-party customers and know who their customers are, they will have to rely on Facebook and Google.”

Amperity pitches its technology as having uses beyond advertising. Shahani estimated that 50% of the firm’s business comes from the digital or analytics side of companies, with the other 50% split between the marketing and IT sides.

With the new funding, Amperity plans to increase its headcount from 225 to more than 300 employees and open international offices in Australia and Western Europe.

Below are key slides from Amperity’s Series D fundraising deck.

Amperity targets multiple departments within a brand’s organization — not just advertising.


The company pitches its software as a way for brands to store all of their data.


Amperity says that its size is comparable to enterprise companies like Adobe and Salesforce.


Amperity cites data showing that the market for consumer data platforms (or CDPs) is growing.


The firm sees an opportunity to capitalize on the phase-out of third-party cookies.