Here’s the 15-page pitch deck that landed personal injury lawyer startup Justpoint an extra $6.9 million in seed funding

Victor Bornstein
  • Justpoint, a personal injury startup, just raised $6.9 million in a seed extension round.
  • The startup expanded its business model to capture more fees after a recent regulatory change.
  • CEO and cofounder Victor Bornstein walked Insider through its pitch deck.

Justpoint seed extension pitch deck


Justpoint, a legal-tech startup that matches personal injury victims with lawyers, just raised an additional $6.9 million in a seed extension round.

The startup previously raised $1 million in seed funding in September 2020. It sought additional capital following regulatory changes that allowed it to significantly change its business model, according to Victor Bornstein, Justpoint’s CEO and cofounder.

Divergent Capital and Charge Ventures co-led the extension round. Existing investors including Vivek Garipalli, the founder of Clover Health, participated as well.

Start with the mission


Founded in 2018, Justpoint uses artificial intelligence to help personal injury claimants find the best lawyers suited to their case.

Bornstein came up with the idea after struggling to consistently find high-quality lawyers for his family, who he said have been victims of human rights violations like political persecution not once, but five times.

“It’s impossible to have real fairness in the litigation system if you don’t have a transparent system of choosing your lawyer,” Bornstein told Insider.

Dive into the problems


In the current system, law firms typically take close to half of a victim’s payout due to inefficiencies. If they were to reduce these inefficiencies, lawyers can charge less and become more competitive, Bornstein said.

Another problem is litigation is expensive, which means that lawyers are often incentivized to settle claims for a smaller amount and to turn down claims that don’t have high enough payouts.

Explain the need for change


Claimants have a tough time differentiating between the various types of personal injury lawyers. Many law firms advertise themselves on billboards, which often don’t have much information beyond a catchy slogan and phone number.

Bornstein replaced law firms’ logos for an image of fictional TV lawyer Saul Goodman from “Better Call Saul” for the public-facing version of the pitch deck because he didn’t want to expose specific firms, but he said the image is apt.

“When you call lawyers, they typically behave like Saul and deviate from answering questions,” Bornstein said. “They end up competing on ads.”

Introduce Justpoint’s solution


Justpoint’s AI parses through medical information and other data to predict a claim’s potential results, then matches claimants with suitable law firms, Bornstein said. Doctors and legal specialists on Justpoint’s team will also review claims to make sure no other details are missed.

Justpoint also helps lawyers with certain back-office tasks, like retrieving medical records and analyzing medical data. It plans to build out a robust ediscovery tool tailored to the personal injury space to lower costs for lawyers and help them work more efficiently.

Delve deeper into the product


Justpoint has nearly 1,200 lawyers on its network, and has processed close to 15,000 claims in 33 states so far, according to Bornstein.

Prove the solution’s value


“This is the results slide,” Bornstein said. “It’s a big proof point that our process works.”

Demonstrate growth


The graph shows how many of the 15,000 claims Justpoint has processed have been matched with lawyers.

Lay out the pricing model


Justpoint saves a significant amount of time for litigators and charges them 10% of their cut of the payout. It’s free for the claimants themselves.

“There’s an alignment on the payout,” Bornstein said. “The better the attorney we find for the plaintiff, the better we get paid.”

Map out why Justpoint needs an extension


In 2021 Arizona became the first US state to allow non-lawyers to receive fees from lawsuits. Prior to the change, Justpoint couldn’t get a cut of a lawsuit payout at all.

Attorneys in Arizona will find claims on Justpoint and refer them out to lawyers in other states. This process allows Justpoint to work with lawyers in 33 states, Bornstein said. 

Show where Justpoint fits


Justpoint differentiates itself from other players in the personal injury law space with its use of technology and by seeking to better align lawyer and claimants incentives.

Illustrate the market size


It’s a huge market size. That allows for companies to grow very big if they deliver what they are promising,” Bornstein said.

Introduce the founders…


Bornstein has a background in healthcare and venture capital, while his cofounder Sashko Zakharchuk has machine-learning experience at Google.

… and the rest of the team


Justpoint currently has 68 employees around the world.

Nail down what the fundraise is for


The main impetus for seeking additional seed funding was the regulatory change in Arizona that enabled Justpoint to shift its business model and serve more claimants, according to Bornstein. 

Justpoint initially raised $4 million for the extension but decided to raise more on an increased valuation because there were more interested investors.

Bornstein said the startup plans to use the additional $6.9 million in fresh capital to hire more marketing reps, lawyers, and tech engineers.