Here’s an exclusive look at the pitch deck AI customer service startup Aisera used to raise $90 million from investors like Goldman Sachs and Thoma Bravo

Muddu Sudhakar Aisera
  • Aisera raised $90 million and will use it to fuel its explosive growth over the past year.
  • Its investors include Goldman Sachs, Thoma Bravo, Menlo Ventures,  and Silicon Valley Bank. 
  • Aisera uses AI and machine learning to direct customer inquiries to the correct applications. 

Aisera, a startup that uses artificial intelligence to automate customer service and IT service tasks, has raised $90 million to fuel its explosive growth.

With the fresh capital, Aisera founder and CEO Muddu Sudhakar says the company plans to invest in improving its product engine, which uses machine learning, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence to figure out different types of workflow queries and then direct users to the correct application.

For instance, if a user has a question about their account, Aisera’s system analyzes the query to determine if it’s something best answered by Salesforce, Zendesk, or Atlassian. 

Over the past year, the company says it has experienced drastic growth and now has over 75 million users. 

“We are growing 300% and in order to grow that big we have to hire, so we are open for business,” Sudhakar said. “We just added close to 100 people last year and have around 100 openings in all areas.”

Aisera’s investors in the Series D round include the growth equity business of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Thoma Bravo, Khosla Ventures and Menlo Ventures. 

Sudhakar said the new funding supports the idea that AI “has become necessary to support employees in today’s highly inflationary, work-from-anywhere environment.” He added customers continue to want their questions answered quickly wherever they are. 

Here is an exclusive look at the pitch deck Aisera used to raise $90 million:

Aisera 1

Aisera 2

Aisera 3

Aisera 4

Aisera 5

Aisera 6

Aisera 7

Aisera 8

Aisera 9

Aisera 10

Aisera 11

Aisera 12

Aisera 13

Aisera 14

Aisera 15

Aisera 16

Aisera 17

Aiera 18

Aisera 19

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