Check out the pitch document martech startup Primer used to raise $12 million from Elon Musk’s top advisor, Salesforce Ventures, and others

The Primer team
  • Marketing tech startup Primer wants to help business-to-business marketers make sense of fragmented data sources.
  • The company just raised a $12 million Series A round, led by Craft Ventures.
  • Primer raised the money using a Notion document.

Primer, a startup that wants to help business-to-business marketers put data from their tech stack in one place, has raised a $12 million Series A round led by Craft Ventures — a VC firm cofounded by Elon Musk’s advisor David Sacks. Investors Slack Fund and Salesforce Ventures also participated in the round of funding. 

Primer’s other investors include operators and founders from Notion, Dropbox, Figma, HubSpot, and Masterclass. 

Keith Putnam-Delaney, cofounder and CEO of Primer, said the idea for the company came out of his own frustrations working in marketing and navigating fragmented tech. The former Dropbox employee began talking with friends in the industry, and he discovered that many teams had been investing heavily in homegrown engineering to consolidate the data that was scattered across their various martech products. 

“I looked at martech and I was like, ‘This is the last place that we needed yet another tool,'” Putnam-Delaney said. “But the light bulb went off when I realized that actually the fragmentation of all these tools is the opportunity.”

Primer helps B2B companies plug in apps they use — like HubSpot, Marketo, Snowflake, and Salesforce — alongside first-party data and data from Primer’s partner sources, like Zoominfo, Apollo, and PeopleDataLabs. Primer’s tools allow marketers to apply filters across all these datasets to search for more targeted audiences. 

“You can think of Primer like a centrifuge,” Putnam-Delaney said.

With Primer’s tools, companies are able to hone in on hyper-specific audiences — like women founders with stores on Shopify, or brand managers who work in the media industry. In Primer’s own case, the company uses its software to identify the audience interacting with its Facebook and LinkedIn ads. It can then use this information to determine where to serve more targeted ads, push consumer data into Salesforce once a consumer fills out a form, and connect the desired client with a sales rep. 

Primer’s clients include startups like Rippling, ChartHop, and Vouch. 

The company plans to use the funds from this round to invest more in product and engineering resources. Putnam-Delaney hopes to make Primer’s interface more intuitive so that clients better understand the resources available to them. He also hopes to expand the range of apps compatible with Primer.   

Scroll down for key slides from the Notion document that Primer used to raise its funds. The trend of making Notion documents instead of pitch decks appears to be a growing trend for founders.

Primer’s revenue hit more than $1 million in 2021.


Primer claims to help marketers navigate recent challenges in audience targeting.


Primer is aimed at helping growth teams acquire more customers.


Primer’s technology plugs into the tools marketers use to manage first- and third-party data.


Primer’s clients use its tools to target ads on Facebook and Google and send email campaigns.


Primer is working on new performance reporting tools next year.

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