Check out the pitch deck that helped Freshsound, which helps brands license music for their ads, raise $2.2 million in seed funding

Freshsound team
  • Freshsound, a self-service platform to license commercial music, raised a $2.2 million seed round.
  • Investors included Zenith Venture Capital and Aligned Ventures.
  • The company plans to invest the funds in improving its product and expanding geographically.

For more than a decade, Stevie Gyasi worked in marketing, helping link brands like Absolut, Nikon, and H&M with music artists for campaigns and events.

But he kept encountering the same issue, even when he worked with well-known brands with big budgets: The process of licensing music was always longwinded and complicated.

In 2021, Gyasi cofounded Freshsound a self-service licensing platform that aims to speed up the process for brands and other commercial content makers to secure pre-cleared music tracks for their ads and marketing content.

The Freshsound platform offers its users an instant price for a track and handles the payments, removing the need to negotiate with songwriters and labels. It also indicates whether the artist might have a conflict with a certain type of brand, like an oil or tobacco company, for example. Freshsound takes a 20% to 30% cut of each deal.

This week, Freshsound said it had raised a 2 million euro, or $2.2 million, seed funding round, led by Zenith Venture Capital and Aligned. These new funds brings its total funding to 3.3 million euro or $3.6 million.

Gyasi said Freshsound plans to use the funding to invest in its product, expand its catalog, and extend to international markets, with the UK a particular focus.

On the product side, Gyasi said Freshsound is focused on improving its algorithmically-driven discovery engine so that brands can surface the artists and music that are resonating with their target audience, or type in the scenario of their ad and get an appropriate song recommendation.

“I believe Freshsound can be a partner in making sure we help brands tell unique stories while sounding unique and not generic — we often say elevator music doesn’t elevate your content — and while making great money for the artists who need it,” Gyasi said.

Check out the key slides from the pitch deck Freshsound used to raise its seed funding round.

Freshsound aims to act as a marketplace between artists and companies seeking commercial music.


Freshsound has signed with more than 105 music labels and publishers, Gyasi said.


The process of negotiating licensing deals for a single trackers that has multiple rightsholders can take months.


The Freshsound platform aims to solve this issue by offering a catalog of pre-licensed music and instant access to pricing for use in ads, movies, gaming, and other commercial content.


Gyasi said some artists on the Freshsound platform have earned more through a single licensing deal than through releasing their music on streaming platforms.


With the rise of content marketing, streaming TV, and gaming, Freshsound believes it has several opportunities to grow as content makers seek more original music to differentiate their output.


Freshsound’s seed round followed an earlier 1.3 million euro, or $1.4 million, pre-seed financing.

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